Hemorrhoid Cream for Face Wrinkles – Your Guide to Preparation H and LYCD

hemorrhoid cream for wrinkles on the faceIf you do not like the fact that your face is beginning to age, you may wonder if Preparation H works as well as those pricey skin creams.

Q – I have heard that you can use hemorrhoid cream for wrinkles. My friend has beautiful skin, but I am dubious whether this works. Can a hemorrhoid product really help smooth my wrinkles or is this just an urban legend?

A – Preparation H has been used for a number of unique things over the decades. For example, people have used this hemorrhoid ointment to reduce the inflammation and itching of bed sores and surgical scars. Others have used it to treat burns, soothe cracked dry skin and reduce wrinkles. In fact, one woman even said that Preparation H helped her save her plum tree. She accidentally scraped it when she was mowing and applied the ointment to the tree to help “heal” it.

The unorthodox methods were when Preparation H was manufactured using shark liver oil and live yeast cell derivatives (LYCD). The FDA required the manufacturer to remove the live yeast cells derivatives stating that studies did not show that LYCD was an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. We believe the FDA may have been short-sighted.

biodyneIn fact, we believe that LYCD, which is also known as BioDyne, was part of the reason so many people used the product for a variety of reasons. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this amazing ingredient may help accelerate wound healing.

The Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation published a study on the effectiveness of LYCD on diabetic mice. The animals, much like humans, have a difficult time healing after a wound occurs. The mice that received a topical LYCD treatment experience 100 percent wound closure within 24 days. Thos mice that were given a placebo did not experience wound closure.

For the rest of the world, Preparation H still contains LYCD. If you would like to try the original formula, you can order it online from Canada. To find it, simply search for Preparation H containing BioDyne.

Here are the visitor comments concerning Preparation H from this website:

hemorrhoids for wrnkles before and afterMan on his wife’s experience with Preparation H:

“My wife has suffered from the skin on her fingers splitting. Nothing we tried worked until she grabbed an old tube of Preparation H. This tube contained live yeast cell derivative, also known as LYCD. The formula is helping! However, she is running out. When we asked the pharmacist, he said he could not get the original formula or compound it for us. I guess we will be ordering it online because it is the only thing that has worked for her.”

Tom P provides this historical perspective that is quite unique:

“I am over more than 80 years old. About fifty years ago, I discovered this amazing ointment at Walgreens. The name of the ointment was Sperty BioDyne Ointment. The formula had LYCD and shark liver oil. I used this for abrasions and cuts and found that it helped heal those wounds fast and prevented scarring. I was really impressed with the formula!”

“When the Sperty BioDyne Company of Cincinnati went out of business, I discovered that the original Preparation H formula had the same ingredients. So, I began using it and found it worked just as well.”

fda“Then, the FDA stuck their nose in where it didn’t belong and Prep-H was forced to change their formula and remove LYCD. Now, after numerous searches, I found that I can order it online from a Canadian drug firm. I ordered five tubes of Prep H with LYCD. Each tube cost me $21.00 plus shipping! The last tube of Preparation H I bought in the USA cost me about $2.50 from a Dollar General store. Thanks to the FDA meddling and telling the manufacturer to remove LYCD, I have to pay exorbitant prices!”

Rebecca adds:

“I have spoken to numerous people who swear that Prep H with BioDyne helps to reduce eye puffiness and smooth wrinkles.”

“Many people have said you can order it online from Canadian pharmacies. However, you need to be careful that you find a formula that contains LYCD. You must read the fine print to find out if the formula contains this amazing ingredient.”

Mary is another believer:

preparation h under eye“In the past, I have used the original Prep H formula as a moisturizer. It helps smooth my wrinkles and improves the texture of my skin.”

We would love to hear how Preparation H has helped your skin. If you have used the original Prep H formula that contains LYCD, leave us a comment below.

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